The Professors

Discover the ladies behind the myth

Hettie G. Watson


Birmingham. England

'Hettie' - the original it-girl, mistress of the quirky, unique and individual, she loves the urban sprawl and unlocking the secrets of the city, its characters provide rich pickings for her social experiment, from Hockley to Moseley, every hidden corner reveals a new experience, this Victorian charmer mixes her passion for botanicals with a flair for fashion and textiles, a very savvy lady.

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Virginia K. Stevenson


Leeds. England

'Virginia' is a forward thinking and free-spirited individual. Born on the wild moorlands of Yorkshire, this girl's no Cathy, this independent ornithologist yearned for a life in the big City where she could practice her love of birds and embrace culture with wild abandon. She's never too far from the next musical discovery, her finger on the pulse, a girl everyone wants to know and who every girl wants to be.

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Emily B. Kingsley


Knutsford. England

'Emily' is a city-girl who moved to the country away from the bustle of Manchester's metropolis, a true socialite, she enjoys a gentrified and bohemian existence, free from the stresses of modern life. Living around Tatton Park and with a love for all things outdoors, she wanders the countryside collecting samples and recording her findings of the local flora and fauna from dawn till dusk.

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